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Case Report
Valproate-induced hyperammonemic encephalopathy in mania: Biochemical diagnosis may lag behind the clinical diagnosis
Firoz Kazhungil, Mithun C. Mohan, Nidheesh Sankar, Ram Narayan
Edorium Journal of Psychiatry 2016;2:1–3.  Article ID: 100004P12FK2016  doi:10.5348/P12-2016-4-CR-1
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What are the responsibilities of human scientists?
Emma Barkus
Edorium Journal of Psychiatry 2015;1:15–17.  Article ID: 100003P12EB2015  doi:10.5348/P12-2015-3-ED-3
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E-Mental Health: The future is now
Davor Mucic
Edorium Journal of Psychiatry 2015;1:11–14.  Article ID: 100002P12DM2015  doi:10.5348/P12-2015-2-ED-2
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Original Article
Does seeking knowledge of depression make a difference? A randomized study to examine the efficacy of psychoeducational intervention with patients suffering from non-psychotic depression
Adel Gabriel
Edorium Journal of Psychiatry 2015;1:1–10.  Article ID: 100001P12AG2015  doi:10.5348/P12-2015-1-OA-1
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